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When patients consider surgery, they commonly find more about cost, room and its facilities, visiting hour policy of the hospital etc., but a critical element gets missed. That is Operation Theater (OT).

Why should a patient know more about OT? Isn’t it too difficult to understand? How much information is enough?

May be these questions just crossed your mind. No worries. Lets answer them all.

Two big benefits come with basic understanding of an OT.

First, it reduces your anxiety about surgery.

Second, it helps you choose your hospital better.

Let me tell you a little secret. Complex things appear complex, mostly due to poor communication. Hence we will keep this write-up very simple . If doubts persist, please do contact us for more help. Sounds good? Please read on!

A Keyhole surgery OT looks different than Open general surgery, Orthopedic, or Cardiac OTs because equipments needed are different. In fact, one keyhole surgery theater can greatly differ from another keyhole OT; based on surgeon skills, preferences and surgery type.

Along with our expert operating skills for which we are known as one of the best centers in India for keyhole surgery, we take utmost care to choose our OT equipments to offer you the benefits of high end technology.

Although our state-of-the-art OTs have a vast array of high-tech equipments, lets discuss only the most important ones you should know while undergoing surgery at our center or while comparing different hospitals.

1. OT Table:
OT Table
A good OT table improves results of the surgery with flexibility, versatility and comfort. In case of a Bariatric surgery, the table will also have to support patient weight and size.
We are the only hospital in Kerala and among very few in India to have a highly sophisticated OT table called Alphamaxx from a reputed German company called Maquet.
This table is motorized and modular. It means that we can safely and comfortably move you, rotate or tilt you; even if you weighed 500 kg in tilted position!. This offers tremendous flexibility and saves time during surgery for us so that you need not be under anesthesia for even a minute longer than necessary. Hence we bought it even though its one of the most expensive tables in market.

2. Energy Equipments (for removing diseased part surgically):

Energy equipments are one of the most critical technologies used in a surgery.

First, let’s understand the basics. Then let’s explore a little deeper. OK?

A surgeon removes diseased or unwanted part called specimen from your body by cutting and simultaneously sealing (coagulating) the area from which the specimen is removed. Otherwise the wound formed while cutting will continue to bleed.

Energy Equipments that can cut and coagulate come in a wide range: Most basic to most advanced.

These will have a Probe connected by a Cable to a Generator box. Tip of the probe receives energy from generator through cables and produces controlled heat to carry out simultaneous cutting and coagulation.

Advanced energy equipments create less tissue damage and blood loss, high quality coagulation, and do more work in less time to send you out of OT quicker.

We use a cluster of three top class keyhole surgery energy equipments for this purpose:
a) Erbe Workstation:
Erbe Workstation

This highly sophisticated German workstation combines four energy equipments into one. Extremely useful in liver surgery. Not many hospitals in India have it.

It cuts and coagulates tissue; and seals vessels using controlled electrical spark technology.

It has a unique high pressure Water-jet technology to dissect dense tissue without rupturing its blood vessels.

It has Argon Plasma non-contact technology to coagulate bleeding surfaces on lever and GI tract. Non-contact means that the probe doesn’t touch the bleeding area.

Erbe workstation’s versatility saves considerable surgery time and improves results of surgery.

We use it extensively in our OT in all GI surgeries.



b) Harmonic Scalpel:

It provides the safest energy generated by high frequency sound waves instead of electrical sparks of a cotery.

Very useful in all keyhole surgeries and very safe energy mode to avoid unintended damage in areas where many organs are anatomically close to each other in our body. Harmonic is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, a US Multinational.




c) Force Triad:
Force Triad

This platform combines three technologies. Particularly strong in coagulating large arteries resected during surgery which otherwise may burst open due to body’s normal blood pressure.

We extensively use this machine, made by Medtronic, a US MNC, in all keyhole surgeries. Especially in colorectal, urology and other GI procedures.





3. Lap Ultra Sound (LUS):
Lap Ultra Sound Aloka

I am sure you are familiar with ultra sound used to measure baby’s growth in pregnancy. Correct?

However, that is an out-patient or office procedure done with the probe just sliding over our abdomen.

LUS has a probe and a scanner connected via cable. Scanning is conducted by sending the instrument inside the abdominal cavity through keyhole surgery ports.

LUS is an advanced ultra-sound instrument that allows surgeons to evaluate common bile duct, liver, stomach, colon, rectum etc digestive organs and check the extent of disease spread and check if we need to resect more tissue.

This is an extremely useful instrument for us during all keyhole cancer surgery to accurately assess spread of the disease.




4. Choledochoscope:
Have you heard of gallstones and gallbladder? I am sure you have. Surgical exploration of the common bile duct for gallstones is a common operation but carries a high residual stone rate.

Conventional techniques for exploring the bile ducts are blind procedures. The surgeon cannot see what he is doing. To make them visible, we use this scope which allows us to see stones in the duct, may aid the removal of stones and provides visual post exploratory checks to ascertain that the common bile duct and the hepatic ducts are clear, and that no stone is left behind before closure.

Apart from these, there are many other top-end equipments in our OT, acquired to provide you with the best keyhole surgery treatment in India.

However, we don’t want to overwhelm you with all information at once.

This much information should be enough for you to understand what equipments are important for patients undergoing keyhole surgery and also to impress your Doctor!

If you visit us for a check-up, you bet I will be damn impressed with your knowledge!

Take Care